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I have been walking a journey with God with my finances cause I really wanted to first become a good steward of what he has entrusted in me and experience the prosperity and abundance He speaks about in His word. And ultimately be a blessing to others by allowing God to use me a vessel to meet other’s needs.

As I started the journey I was challenged to first practice what I preached whenever I had to do the faith notes in church….God does have a sense of humour…… that much I have learned. As I spend time on what the word says about giving my tithes and offerings to His store house and becoming a cheerful giver I was so convicted of what I shared with others on the topic, that God gave me grace to tithes faithfully and I started praying that He would help me give back to him what belonged to him and by doing that I learned later that I was cultivating the habit of giving and I was being obedient and my character was being moulded as I committed to giving my tithes.

One decision I made quiet early was to first give my tithes every month without fail no matter what the rest of my budget looked like… oh it was difficult. And in the process I quickly learned that I had to pursue my relationship with God and spend more time in His word to know His character and come to a place where I believed what I read and what God says He would do “ Faith comes by hearing the word of God’ Rom 10:17

In my journey I have learned a few things as God continue to be the source of every good thing in my life; He is faithful and a good Father, that is who He is and He will never change. We give our tithes to honour God and because we love Him, so we give cheerfully meaning we rejoice in giving, the condition of our hearts is very important to God. He is the provider of our every need, that’s why he provides bread for food and seed to the sower. The seed God provides is to be sown back into His kingdom, the house so that there is will be a harvest. And that’s a Kingdom principle. Just like a farmer who sows seed and in harvest time he keeps seed to sow again and that’s how his crops multiply and he never lacks.

I also learned that God is looking for Sons and Daughters after His own heart…..we need to come to a place we mature in the word.

And after walking this path I’m seeing God answer my prayers by providing supernaturally and abundantly. God will always provide even when we don’t give because He is faithful and remains true to His word but the increase, abundance and multiplication really comes when we, the sons honour God with what He has entrusted to us, that’s when we become good stewards. Everything we do it should be to honour God and that’s it.

He is the source of every good thing in our lives.

Laurencia Augustinho

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