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Our first Audio Book has been released!

Narrated by Fiona Matier & Written by Dr. Don Nori Sr.

Try Audible and get it here-  The Forgotten Mountain: Your Place of Peace in a World at War


Latest from the Making God Famous Blog

The journey with God

I used to think that being a Christian was about coming to a place like arriving at a destination and not a journey until I came to a stage in my life........ I felt so empty and needed more of God, more of what I had experienced in the past and I started yearning for...

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The most controversial topic in church

The Bible and Science series: Part 2 What is the most controversial topic in church today? In other words, what is the least likely to feature airtime from the pulpit on Sundays? Is it gay marriages, LGBT rights and homophobia? Is it premarital sex or abortion? What...

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Sermons & Recent Messages

Making the impossible possible

We have all received a measure of faith. In the same way a sportsman or woman needs to exercise in order to develop strong, well-built muscles, we need to exercise our faith muscles. This means that faith is not passive, but active – it needs to be exercised and developed! Faith makes you think differently; makes you speak differently and see things differently to the world.

“We are designed, as part of our purpose, to invade and solve problems here on earth.”

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