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I used to think that being a Christian was about coming to a place like arriving at a destination and not a journey until I came to a stage in my life…….. I felt so empty and needed more of God, more of what I had experienced in the past and I started yearning for more like my heart had a longing for something more and deeper. I hungered for more and whatever I had experienced in the past wasn’t enough.

I remember one morning sitting with my colleagues before our morning prayer at work…I was sharing with them that I feel that there is more to this journey and there is more to God then what I have experienced and there was more to Him then what I had tasted and seen. I had a physical hunger for more because I felt so empty and needed him to pour out himself unto me. When I encounter God and He affirmed and restored my identity in Him, I actually started on a journey to discover who and what He has called me to be and then my purpose was birthed in me through Him. It is all to give Him honour through my life. How do I honour Him with my life? By living in Him and for Him….. and how does that looks like in everyday life? I think we ought to live in such a way that we need and desire him every day, every hour , every minute so that in all things at all times we live to praise Him.

After sharing that with my friends, what I felt became a prayer and a cry to God. That I feel like there is more to Him then what I have experienced and that I’m availing myself and invited Him to take over my daily life and my thoughts. One day I was listening to one of Ps Bill Johnsons sermon’s and he said the following “it’s possible for the flesh to have a physical craving for more of God”. I started a journey where I tried to spend as much time as possible with God, pray as often as it was necessary and asked the Holy Spirit to pour out more of Him. I listen to as many teachings as possible but it came down the fact that I was so hungry for more that I started looking and asking and it wasn’t long before God really started revealing his heart, his calling and purpose for my life.

It’s amazing how with every encounter He peels my old self and replaces it with himself so that we resemble him and become more like him. With every encounter I never left the same. Oh His love so strong and fierce I cannot contain it. His grace, greater and deeper than the oceans it amazes me to know how far he’d go for me. I know that I’m so secured in His love for me. How good and pleasing are his ways. He rejoices over me and I take on His image and how contagious he makes me around my peers without me even noticing it and that’s how he replicates Himself through us and in us. All I know is that I can’t go back because He has recreated me into His image…how amazing is that?

Grace, grace, grace…..g….r….a…c….e…. and more GRACE

Laurencia Augustinho

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